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"It’s a relief to me and my parents to have ACTS to hopefully, in the near future, help me pursue my international studies. I’d like to also be immersed in a different culture and heard so many great things about New Zealand. Will definitely explore this opportunity with ACTS in Takapuna. "

Gabriel Bungay
Satisfied Student
Forward and Future-Thinking

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Our college offers our students a path forward and ultimately, together, build on their future through specialised education and collaborative courses. Taking advantage of blended learning, the current model in demand, we offer a good mix of face-to-face classes and virtual interactions.

We work relentlessly in adapting new methodologies and developing study frameworks that are relevant to the ever-changing times. Believing in quality over quantity, our courses on offer are:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety Practice (Level 3)
  • New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Level 6) with units in Construction Management, and Quantity Surveying

We, most importantly, welcome and encourage students from anywhere in the world to come study with us and immerse themselves in the Kiwi culture. And while there may be some hesitations to pursuing studies internationally, students may well be surprised by its benefits outweighing their initial concerns. When you study with ACTS…

  • Your world expands and so do your perspectives. Now you’re not only seeing the world through a limited view but are now more open to understanding how others perceive.

  • You get top-level education that also gives you the opportunity to be independent and learn other life skills that may not be otherwise available when you stay in your comfort zone.

Whatever you decide and whenever you’re ready, our team of highly-qualified trainers will know how to get you started and ensure you’re set for a win, in your career and in life.

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