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A household name among Kiwis nationwide, Crewcut has carved its space in lawn mowing, tending to unruly gardens, trimming hedges, and removing green waste among other related services.

Our ISO:9001 certification guarantees that we are after quality work and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our long history of care and commitment.

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We work hard every day to keep your commercial spaces clean! We are eliminating the high costs of inconsistent cleaning with the Crewcare system of dedicated people, communication, and monitoring to produce outstanding results.

We deliver deep cleaning services to ensure your business space is clean, sanitised, and free from harmful viruses and diseases.

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Chemcare was founded to provide specialist decontamination for Kiwi home and business. Our technicians have international IICRC certification, and WorkSafe certified supervisors with over 20 years of combined experience.

Our services include asbestos removal, meth decontamination, and infection control services for COVID-19.

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CC Training Academy offers a wide range of health and safety courses for the workplace. We pride ourselves in quality compliance training for various businesses that are essential, practical, and relevant to your industry.

Our trainers are highly experienced and qualified in their respective fields. Whether it’s done in-class or online, you can be sure that we are committed to working closely with you to deliver a supportive and stimulating environment that would truly benefit your organisation.

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We are committed to creating integrated services and solutions ideal for today’s modern business environment. By establishing relationships within our market, we have built a network that integrates people, technology, and processes to achieve the best results.

We are well-positioned to design and deliver our solutions based on your planned level of service set according to your unique goals – be it optimisation, cost efficiency, risk mitigation, productivity improvement, or any other specific requirement you might have.